Caleb Ashmore
Modeling & Texturing artist
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About Me
Hello. When I got my first computer at a young age I loaded up photoshop and maya and taught myself the basics of 3d modeling and rendering. I was the skinny dude with a laptop and a book in the library each day. I regard myself as a self taught artist, my year at BCIT was very good for me, but the key to my success was my enthusiasm, passion and drive to create the things from my imagination.

At work I design, model, texture, light and render 3d environments and characters for film/TV VFX and public sculpture. Building a huge digital environment and sculpting natural forms in Zbrush is extremely rewarding for me and its a challenge that I will always try to conquer.

I have a healthy relationship with nature and technology, each compliments every aspect of my life. My passion and work is spent on a computer all day, but my ambition is to strive for the elegant complexity that only the natural world can offer. If I'm not at my computer then I am making ceramics, biking around Vancouver, drawing, reading, writing, listening to music, camping, carpentry, making lamps, or tending to my plants.